Robert Lafont par ChristianPassuello

"Robert LAFONT :
Words for Occitanie"
Documentary 52mn. 1993
Author : Christian PASSUELLO
Production : Beka, Zanzibar films
TV broadcasting : France 3, Image Plu

Literary consultants: Danièle JULIEN, Joàn-Yves CASANOVA, Jànluc SAUVAIGO.Robert LAFONT is a very articulate speaker in defense of the culture and language of "Occitanie", the once Occitan speaking territory south of the Loire river in France.
Over the years he has written many books in French and in Occitan. Most of his works of poetry, theatre, essays, short stories and novels are related to this struggle for cultural recognition.
As a social historian and militant regionalist, Robert LAFONT was brought to world attention through his written works such as: "The Regional Revolution", "The Nation, the State, the Regions", "The Cock and l’Oc"…
In a spirit of joy and modernity, Robert Lafont has created a literary body of work and brought Occitan literature, long relegated to the ranks of regional linguistic study, to the foreground.
These modern novels and poetry collections establish the existence of a literature that does not limit itself to the clichés of a local tradition.