Lieutaghi:La Haute Provence entre ronds-points... par ChristianPassuello 

"Lieutaghi :
An Ethnobotanist in Provence"

Documentary 52mn. 2006
Authors : Pierre LIEUTAGHI / Christian PASSUELLO
Production : Chamaerops
TV broadcasting : France 3

Pierre Lieutaghi is an ethnobotanist. This erudite researcher has devoted his life studies to examining the relationship of human societies to that of its vegetation.
An inhabitant of Haute Provence for over forty years, he has created an historical garden for the Priory of Salagon, located near Forcalquier, a veritable conservatory of herbs and plants that have been used by man for centuries.
Lieutaghi is as comfortable on the terrain as he is searching through ancient reference works. Accompanying him on even the shortest nature walk means an unavoidable but pleasure-filled learning experience. Observing nature with this master of plant life only highlights his immeasurable range of knowledge and his skills in its transmission.
An astute observer of the provincial Alpine landscape, he continues to question its evolution, the purpose it serves and the role man plays in this environment.
Lieutaghi helps us to better understand our relationship to the world through its plant life. .