Going back to Nissa la bèla par ChristianPassuello

"Going back to Nissa
la bèla"
Documentary 52mn. 1996
Authors : Jànluc SAUVAIGO /
Production : Interface films, Agovision
TV broadcasting : Planète

A traveler is taking a return trip across his homeland as if discovering it for the first time. Apart from old photographs what really remains of this nostalgic country for someone who has left it once, and how does he manage to leave it again?
When this journey leads to Nice, capital of the "French Riviera", one's judgment is impaired. Indeed, Nice and the "Pays Niçois" existed before the label "French Riviera".
But all things considered, Nice is not a real city, but rather a dream, a fantasy… a "pantaï".
Can the local people still recognize their true image or are they restricted to that of others?
"Going back to… Nissa la Bèla…" is a trip which invites us to reflect on identity and cultural adherence. Exploring one’s roots, identifying a place, becoming one with one’s native country.
Does this still have any meaning today ? Is it compatible with the new promised land, the "globalization"??