Les fous de la vierge par ChristianPassuello


"A Canopy of Dreams"
Documentary 52mn. 1992
Author : Christian PASSUELLO
Production : Les Films Etirables, Revfilms
TV broadcasting : Canal +, Planète, R.T.S.R., France 3

In southern Spain, every year around spring time, thousands of pilgrims travel on foot, by horseback or carriage from all corners of Andalusia, to honour the Virgin of Rocio.
The Virgin of Rocio is also called and praised as "the White Dove" the "Queen of the Marsh", or the "Guapa" the beautiful one.
The legend has it that the Virgin was discovered five centuries ago, hidden in the hollow trunk of a tree in the middle of the rugged lands of Almonte.
Her power is supposed to be miraculous. But this is only one of the reasons behind the success of this large popular gathering. This somewhat pagan ritual in the back hills of Andalusia is also an opportunity for a big feast where wine and music blend generously with religious fervor.

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