Au pays des chevaux toréros par ChristianPassuello 

The land of Lusitanians horses
Documentary 52mn. 1999
Author : Christian PASSUELLO
Production : Coup d’ŒIL
TV broadcasting : Canal +

The highly skilled horsewoman, "la rejoneadora" Marie Sara, has lead her bullfighting career with an extraordinary passion and determination.
Come springtime, so as to prepare for the season, "la temporada", Marie Sara travels to Portugal. There she lives in the "quintas", large domains where men and horses form a very particular culture, a tradition that has remained unchanged for centuries.
In this part of the world, the necessity to possess agile, rapid and intuitive mounts led to the development of an exceptional breed of horses, the Lusitanians.
Among the Latifundium dynasties of the Portuguese equestrian nobility, beauty and elegance are codes of honour. Here, sheltered from outsiders behind the white walls of sumptuous residences, the familial structure and the organization of a work plan still follow feudal rules to this day.
A privileged guest, Marie Sara invites us to take a look at the domains of VEIGA, TELLES, MOURA, TABORDA, where, season after season, she selects new horses to add to her cavalry.
This preparation in Portugal is particularly significant for her, it's her last one. Marie Sara has decided to say farewell to the world of the "toro", at the end of the "temporada" in Arles.