The Red Island Documentary 1h20mn. 2019
Production : Les Films Etirables

Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean, a former French colony, but who still remembers it? Sometimes news comes in, never very good. Or maybe it's to tell us about baobabs or lemurs, the little monkeys native to the island. But what about the people and culture of this country that survives despite the difficulties of daily life? In response, I give the floor to writers, poets, slammers, comic book authors and creators who are still too little known. From their work, their creation and their perspectives, an overview of the situation on the Big Island emerges.
A red earth of laterite and sometimes blood, "The Red Island word for word" is an invitation to a double journey. First in the imaginations of authors and artists, then in the urban or rural space that makes up their daily lives.
Madagascar is not only lemurs, baobabs or poverty. They are also creators who are asserting themselves despite the country's endemic difficulties.