Garibaldi made in Nissa par ChristianPassuello

Garibaldi made in Nissa

Documentary 55mn. 2008
Author : Christian PASSUELLO
Production :  Les Films du Sud
TV broadcasting : Télé Locale Provence

For most of us, the name "Garibaldi" doesn't mean much any more. But in fact, many of the larger cities of our western world have at least an avenue, a square, or a monument named in his honor. Garibaldi is a familiar name, but his story is still little known.

This international warrior for justice and freedom was active in numerous struggles in South America as well as in Europe. But above all, he is one of main contributors to Italy’s becoming a united country.
His adventurous life resembles an operatic story line, or a swash and buckle Hollywood film.
Garibaldi was born in Nice in 1807. He has since become a local legend through the actions he accomplished far from his homeland.
But, as is the case of most famous persons, he was sometimes overwhelmed by his own celebrity.

Like him, I was born in Nice, and for me, this account of Garibaldi's life is also an opportunity to investigate Nice’s cultural and political heritage.
Since it's annexation by France in 1860, this ancient independent county maintains a conflicting relationship with France and its local hero, Garibaldi. Nevertheless, since his death in 1882, many have tried to recuperate his image to promote their own ideas.
But Garibaldi belongs to no one person or state. He belongs to humanity.

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